Sunday, August 21, 2005

Class Schedule

Class Schedule

Week 1:
Ways of Making Literature Matter 1-33 (stop reading at end of poem)
Homework: Ways Writing Exercise p. 28 (2 pages double spaced, 1 inch margins, size 12 font)
Journal: Ways Writing Exercise p. 33

Week 2:
Ways 33-70

Week 3:
Ways 71-76, 82-98
Discuss Welty in relation to elements of fiction

Week 4: Read Trifles in Ways 120—148
Continue elements of fiction, begin elements of drama
Begin paper 1

Week 5: Continue elements of drama
Read Yellow Wallpaper

Week 6: Raisin in the Sun

Week 7: Paper 1 due; continue Raisin in the Sun

Week 8: Begin Paper 2; begin Life in the Iron Mills

Week 9: Mid Term; continue Life in the Iron Mills

Week 10: Life in the Iron Mills

Week 11: Paper 2 due; begin Their Eyes Were Watching God

Week 12: Begin Paper 3; continue Eyes

Week 13: Eyes

Week 14: Ways 102-119; elements of poetry

Week 15: Paper 3 due; discuss final paper
Ways 152-175; writing about essays

Week 16: Ways 176-205; begin final paper

Week 17: Work on final paper

Week 18: Final paper due; final exam

*All scheduled tasks are subject to change


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