Saturday, July 23, 2005

Course Objectives

  • In this class, you will:
    Write a minimum of 7000 words that demonstrate your ability to articulate, organize, and express your ideas in well developed, coherently argued, and effectively written expository and argumentative essays; at least one of these essays will be written in class.
  • Apply inductive, deductive, and inferential reasoning to analyze assigned readings, participate in critical thinking class discussions and activities, and compose clearly organized and effectively argued written responses to those texts.
  • Recognize and analyze stated and unstated assumptions of texts and draw meaningful inferences about the intentions of the author by participating in class discussions and composing written responses
  • Recognize and evaluate the use of rhetorical techniques employed to manipulate the readers by critically responding to assigned texts both in class discussions and written assignments.
  • Identify and analyze specific logical fallacies and apply this knowledge to evaluate critically assigned texts and their own expository and argumentative writing assignments.
  • Learn to improve and evaluate your logical reasoning, modify your organization, and refine the grace and style of your own writing by successfully editing, revising and redrafting your own expository and argumentative essays.
  • Learn a variety of research approaches including library and internet research skills and use your critical thinking abilities to produce an effective argumentative research paper that follows MLA documentation guidelines.
  • Write a variety of expository and argumentative assignments demonstrating the use of increasingly sophisticated rhetorical modes and strategies.


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